'Tools of the Trade' Fossil Freaks 2022

The Collection of artworks on display were created by Sixth Class students from St. Mary’s on the Hill National School and Fourth Class at Cork Educate Together National School.

This multidisciplinary workshop series was designed and delivered by artists Susie Walsh and Leah Murphy in collaboration with palaeontologists from Ireland’s Fossil Heritage at the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) UCC.

Inspired by strange and unusual fossils from around the world integrating the Science of Palaeontology and Art.

"In 'Fossil Freaks' we introduced the idea of the paleo-artist who uses a combination of fossil evidence, evolution and imagination to reconstruct prehistory. The children were shown images of enigmatic fossils as a starting point and through a series of interactive and creative workshops using a range of art materials and techniques, they imagined and brought to life these mysterious creatures that existed more than 500 million years ago. Through our Art in Schools Projects, our aim as artists is to introduce the children taking part to the idea of a creative line of enquiry. How to research and develop an idea is central to the practice of art- but also in science and other creative disciplines."

Tools of the Trade Fossil Freaks 2022 School of BEES

In the introductory workshop the children explored the mini fossil collection with microscope and lenses, and with the use of macro photography they got an up close view of these mini fossils and explored texture of sea creatures, feathers, and plant parts.

Tools of the Trade Fossil Freaks 2022 National Sculpture Factory

Drawing directly from the images of enigmatic fossils, the images were then transformed with colour studies, coloured monoprint and stencil silhouettes with light behind giving them new dimension.

Using the information from the 2 dimensional studies the children made their own fossils using natural materials to create a creature in plaster relief.

Tools of the Trade Fossil Freaks 2022 UCC Natural Collections

We then developed these images to transform them into a 3D creature, firstly building wire armature structure and covered with coloured papers and inks.

Placing lights inside they were suspended from the gallery ceiling, giving these ancient enigmatic creatures a new form.

A series of creative workshops

All the wonderful work by the children including Macro Photography, drawings, prints and plaster reliefs all were individually framed and on display at the entrance of the Glucksman Gallery UCC.

Gluxman Gallery Fossil Freaks Exhibition

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